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Bill is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 3. He is a programmer and a tech geek and can do anything that involves computers or tablets. He is also an expert at digital tracking and tracing. He likes powerful computers and English Tea.

He quickly breaks the fourth wall as he suspects he is a character in a game.

Bill is inspired by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation.


  • Watson Holmes knows Bill because he hacked into the Police Department when he was 10 and now monitors their digital security part-time. (level 5)
  • Bill met Mary Ditt two years ago when he was fixing the network of her college. (level 5)
  • Bill starts dating Mary (level 6).
  • Bill marries Mary (level 32).


  • Bill is often needed to obtain information during stories.
  • At the beginning of the game Bill asks the player to rate the game.
  • Bill is a quiz show host. He can ask you 3 or more quiz questions every day. If you give the correct answer he will give you coins. The amount of coins you win is equal to 25 x your level (e.g. 250 coins at level 10 and 500 coins at level 20). There is no penalty for wrong answers.