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The Bunny Game is a roll-and-move board game available for a limited time every week for players starting at level 8. Players participate by rolling a single dice that moves the bunny, Lucky, that number of cells through a field of prizes. The board game features Liam, a special character who first appeared in the 2019 Spring event.

There are a total of 10 field boards available, each with its own special prize at the very end that players will automatically receive if they reach it.

When players reach the end of the entire field board and collect their final prize, the game is over and cannot be played again until Liam returns with a new Bunny Game.


The schedule listed below is tentative and subject to change.

Start Time End Time
Wed. 02:00 UTC Fri. 10:00 UTC
Sat. 02:00 UTC Mon. 10:00 UTC

Advancing the board[]

Each player gets 1 free roll of the dice daily. To continue rolling the dice, players must spend tickets each turn or, if they land on one of Liam's cells, optionally fulfill 1-3 special orders in the allotted time (10-15 minutes) to save a ticket.

If a player fails to complete Liam's request in time, even if 1 or more recipes have been filled from the total order, the free attempt to roll the dice will disappear and any spices you used on his request will be lost. Each dice roll only counts for the current board and will not carry over into the next. For example, if a player rolls a 6 and there are 3 moves left when they reach the end of the current board, the remaining 3 moves will be lost as a new board begins.


The Bunny Game is equipped with the default Red Dice, allowing players to move forward 1-6 cells on the board. The Black Dice, Blue Dice, and Gold Dice are boosters available through Purple Gifts and as prizes from the Barista Challenge and Festival Marathon.

Image Moveset Acquisition
Forward 1-6 cells Default dice in the game
Black Dice
Back 1-3 cells Purple Gift, Barista Challenge, Festival Marathon
Blue Dice
Forward 1-12 cells Purple Gift, Barista Challenge, Festival Marathon
Gold Dice
Forward 1-3 cells Purple Gift, Barista Challenge, Festival Marathon

Color matching[]

Bunny Game Color Match.png

Additional rewards can be won by landing on cells that match in shape and color. The shape and color players will need to land on to receive these additional gifts will be chosen for them on the first roll of the dice. Continuing to land on matching cells awards players with a prize each time until the fourth and final prize, a Gold Gift, is given after 5 successful color matches.

Board cells and possible gifts[]

In addition to gifts, players can receive diamonds, rubies, spices, or interior and exterior items as rewards from landing on cells.

Board No. Total Cells Pink Gift Pink Gifts Blue Gift Blue Gifts Gold Gift Gold Gifts Red Gift Red Gifts
1 150 1 3 6 1
2 56 1 - 3 -
3 66 - 2 3 -
4 90 1 1 2 2
5 43 1 1 1 -
6 66 2 - 1 1
7 90 2 1 3 1
8 56 1 1 2 -
9 66 1 - 4 -
10 128 1 2 5 3