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Cappuccino is a type of drink served in the café. It is unlocked at level 6 and is prepared in the Cappuccino Machine. Cappuccino takes 60 seconds to be poured.

Cappuccino Machine[]

The Cappuccino Machine costs $2,000. There is no simplified version.

The Stylish version costs $24,000. See Equipment for more details.

Standard Recipes[]

Recipe Level Ingredients
Cappuccino 6 Cappuccino
Spiced Cappuccino 6 Cappuccino + Cinnamon
Chocolate Cappuccino 10 Cappuccino + Chocolate Syrup + Chocolate Shavings
Megaccino 10 Cappuccino + Chocolate Syrup + Cappuccino + Chocolate Shavings
Vanilla Cappuccino 12 Cappuccino + Cinnamon + Chocolate Shavings + Vanilla Syrup
Nut Cappuccino 14 Cappuccino + Cinnamon + Whipped Cream + Chocolate Shavings + Hazelnuts
Honey Cappuccino 18 Cappuccino + Cinnamon + Whipped Cream + Honey
Super Marshmallow Cappuccino 19 Cappuccino + Chocolate Shavings + Caramel Syrup + Marshmallows
Berry Smoothie Cappuccino 22 Cappuccino + Grape Juice + Strawberry Ice Cream + Mint + Forest Berries
Orange Cappuccino 29 Cappuccino + Vanilla Syrup + Orange

Special Recipes[]

There are currently 2 special recipes which use Cappuccino.

  • Pink recipes use Nutmeg and Star Anise (pink gifts)
  • Blue recipes use Galangal and Ginseng (blue gifts)
Recipe Ingredients
Cappuccino with Nutmeg, Ice and Chocolate
Cappuccino.png+Ice.png+Chocolate Shavings.png+Nutmeg.png
Chocolate Shavings
Maxi Cappuccino with Ginseng

Staff Skills[]

There are currently two skills related to Cappuccino:

  • Cappuccino Prices, which increases the price of each Cappuccino drink.
Staff: Tom & Veronica
  • Master Cappuccino M.O., which speeds up the time it takes to make a Cappuccino.
Staff: Alex, Angelina, Charles, Samantha & Suzanne

There are no staff member with both skills.

See Staff for more details.