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Elite residents are players who have an Elite subscription, which gives them individual bonuses as well as additional bonuses for their township. This subscription works alongside the VIP feature and also costs real money.



Subscription Period Price
Week $/€ 4.99
Month $/€ 9.99
Annual $/€ 49.99

The game may need to be restarted before the subscription is activated. Players may be charged a small fee when they first subscribe to verify their account and payment method, but the amount will be refunded afterward.

Free trial[]

A 7-day free trial subscription is available for first-time Elite Residents, allowing players to try out all of its benefits. After that, the subscription will be automatically renewed at the cost of a weekly $/€4.99 subscription unless it is cancelled prior to the trial's end or changed to a different subscription plan.

Changing plans[]

Subscription plans can be changed at any time through the device's store. To change the plan, wait until the last day of the subscription, unsubscribe from the current plan, then subscribe to a new plan.


Elite subscriptions can be cancelled at any time through the device's store. Cancelling early before the subscription period runs out will still let players receive its bonuses until the end of their active subscription period. Plans should be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period to avoid unwanted charges.


Township bonuses[]

  • +5 attempts per Elite resident to ask a customer to order any other recipe with spices at the coffee shop
  • Ability to see the township information of competitors during festivals
Township's size and number of residents
Primary language
Number of completed tasks
Number of tasks in progress

Individual bonuses[]

Individual bonuses are only valid if the player with the subscription is in a township. If the player leaves their current township, they will lose their bonuses until they become a resident of another township.

  • Elite residents can do two tasks at one time during festivals
Picking two of the same task will not let players progress both at the same time. However, two tasks can be picked which work well together, such as earning coins and selling furniture for coins.
  • Elite residents get VIP points regularly
Weekly subscription: 400 points/week
Monthly subscription: 800 points/month
Annual subscription: 5,000 points/year

Weekly and monthly VIP points are delivered through the in-game mailbox on the last day of the subscription period. Yearly points are delivered on the first day of the annual subscription/renewal.