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Event orders are available at level 8 when you are able to participate in events. During events, a special customer comes to the café and parks outside. They will ask you to help them fill delivery orders and give you rewards in exchange, such as coins, spices, and special event-themed furniture only available for a limited time.

Delivery orders during events are very much like telephone orders but come every 2 hours, demand much larger quantities and can ask for special recipes. They award you coins and one or more spices for each completed order. You can refresh orders earlier by spending additional diamonds. You can complete these orders yourself or assign one or more staff members to the task. Like with telephone and township orders, assigning staff to fill these orders will not gain them experience points.

The recipes required for special event orders are based on your current level and will require recipes and equipment available up to that level. Unlike telephone and township orders, you can only fill out one special event order at a time with no option to refresh or delete it for a different order. This means that if you are lacking either the recipes or equipment needed to fulfill a special event order, you will not be able to advance that particular event's story any further until you unlock the recipes or purchase the required equipment.

Successfully completing special event orders gives you additional rewards when you reach certain milestones and advances the event's story. You will need to fill 30 orders to get the final reward: a Gold Gift. You can keep filling orders after that, but you will no longer receive any milestone rewards.

Event Order Milestones
Order no. Rewards
1 Pink Gift 1 Pink Gift
5 Diamond 15
9 Pink Gift 1 Pink Gift
15 Diamond 25
21 Blue Gift 1 Blue Gift
27 Diamond 50
30 Gold Gift 1 Gold Gift

Note: It is recommended you buy the most recent equipment available for your level as special event orders, as well as telephone and township orders, will require them.

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