Interior decor can be purchased in the Store under the Interior tab for coins and diamonds. Interior items allow you to add a personal touch to your game with a large variety of furniture and decorative elements to choose from.

Interior styles

Interior items of a particular style have the ability to affect the Prestige Level of your café, which in turn determines the tips your staff members receive when serving customers. Interior styles are unlocked at level 7. Fernando can tell you what your tip percentage is at any time and also give you a list of styles currently featured in your coffee shop.

You can switch styles at any time[1] or mix-and-match them as you wish, although Fernando suggests you stick to one style for better overall tips. Each style has several collections which unlock as you level up. Mixing items of the same parent style has no adverse effect on your tips percentage. The more expensive an interior item is, the more Prestige and tips your café receives.[2]

List of café expansions

Café expansions increase the width and length of your coffee shop, allowing you more space to fit additional equipment, furniture, and decor.

Expansion Cost Size
(in squares)
1[3] Currency Coin 2,500 1,470 (36x42) Level 5
2[4] Currency Coin 5,000 1,722 (42x42) Level 6
3[5] Currency Coin 10,000 1,968 (42x48) Level 7
4[6] Currency Coin 25,000 2,256 (48x48) Level 8
5[7] Currency Coin 50,000 2,538 (48x54) Level 9
6[8] Currency Coin 100,000 2,862 (54x54) Level 10
7 Currency Coin 250,000 3,180 (54x60) Level 11
8 Currency Coin 500,000 3,540 (60x60) Level 12
9 Currency Coin 1,000,000 3,896 (60x66) Level 13
10 Currency Coin 2,500,000 4,290 (66x66) Level 14
11 Currency Coin 5,000,000 4,680 (66x72) Level 15
12 Currency Coin 5,000,000 5,112 (72x72) Level 16
13 Currency Coin 6,000,000 5,538 (72x78) Level 20
14 Currency Coin 7,500,000 6,006 (78x78) Level 25
15 Currency Coin 10,000,000 6,468 (78x84) Level 30
16 Currency Coin 20,000,000 6,972 (84x84) Level 35



  1. In order to switch your café to a new style, you'll need to make sure your tips in the old style is lower than your tips in the target style.
  2. American Retro and French style are more profitable until level 30.
  3. Requested by Fernando in level 5.
  4. Requested by Cleo in level 8.
  5. Requested by Ben in level 11.
  6. Requested by Mary in level 12.
  7. Requested by Felicia in level 19.
  8. Requested by Petrovich in level 21.
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