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'' '''*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.''' ''
'' ''[[Category:Customers]]
{{Infobox_character|name = Jennifer Park|image = Jennifer.png|unlocks=Level 15|job=Administrative Assistant}}
'''Jennifer Park''' is a café customer who makes her first appearance at level 15. She is [[Donald Mulligan]]'s (the town mayor) administrative assistant but she doesn't like him.
She comes from a rich family which lost their fortune. They had to move to a different neighborhood, and Jennifer had to drop out of school and get a job. She is a very hard worker and a brilliant student since young, but Donald thwarted her efforts at becoming successful.
Depending on your choices at some point she may or may not become the town's new mayor.
*Jennifer is [[Donald Mulligan]]'s administrative assistant (level 15)
*Jennifer is [[Felicia Sturm]]'s lawyer (level 24?)
See [[Stories]].

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