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Frederick Koffsky is a café customer who makes his first appearance at level 4. He was the chef of his own successful café, but had to declare bankruptcy because some scheming villain ruined his life. He will share some new recipes with you in hope that your success will put that guy out of business. You will help him avoid bankruptcy and find a new job.

Koffsky is the character's last name. His first name is not mentioned in the English version.

Koffksy is an amazing singer.


  • Koffksy has a brother called Edward (level 5)
  • Koffksy has an ex-girlfriend called Alice Carroll (level 5). The two reunites at level 17.
  • Clyde Bowen becomes Koffsky's roommate (level 14)


Koffsky helps players guess some new recipes at the beginning of the game. You get one diamond for each correct answer, but Koffsky always tells you the full recipe anyway.


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