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Margaret is a café customer who makes her first appearance at level 1. She is a mysterious old lady, and she loves coffee, cupcakes and gossip. She claims she is waiting for love and money to fall into her lap and is scarfing down ice cream in order to make the wait more pleasant.

Margaret actually got married 13 times to the same man but used each wedding day as a cover to rob a priceless item from a museum (except for the first one as Margaret explains that the robbery failed). Margaret's husband and partner in crime is Carl, another customer. They have been married for at least 50 years (they celebrated their golden anniversary) although Margaret claims she is only 64 (21 years and 516 months). Carl comes to the café for the first time at level 16.

She often greets the player in German and French (Guten Tag and Bonjour).


  • Margaret and Mary Ditt have been neighbors since Margaret moved into the town two years ago but Mary barely knows the elderly lady. (level 1)
  • Carl is Margaret's husband. (level 16)
  • Margaret supports Ben financially for a while. (level 22)


  • Margaret often serves as a source of information about other patrons. She seems to know everyone in town and their secrets thanks to her spying skills.
  • Margaret lets players gamble her. Margaret and the player bet the same amount of money then each takes turns to roll two dice three times. If either rolls a double they get an extra turn. Whomever has rolled the highest total in the end wins the pot (i.e the money they bet and the other player's money). As the player's level increases, so does the initial bet .
  • Margaret can buy items from the storehouse, one per day. She's not promising big money, but it is better than throwing out unwanted things. Players can refuse the deal and ask Margaret if she wants to buy something else. Once Carl is unlocked, Margaret stops offering to buy old furniture.


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