*Notice* -The following article contains spoilers.

Mary Ditt is the very first café customer, introduced at the very beginning of the game. She is described as cheerful but emotional. She studies journalism at college. She loves ice cream, White Café Glacé and investigating cases.

She eventually dates then marry Bill and becomes an assistant for Felicia Sturm.


  • Margaret and she have been neighbors since Margaret moved into the town two years ago but Mary barely knows the elderly lady. (level 1)
  • Mary dated Ben for one month, married him then divorced him. (level 4)
  • She knows Watson Holmes because he taught the Criminology classes she took at college (level 4).
  • She knows Fernando because she has interviewed him. (level 5)
  • She knows Henry Dougan because he has helped her before during her investigations. (level 18)
  • Mary Ditt works for Felicia Sturm. (level 19)


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