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Welcome to my Message Wall! Feel free to leave a message here if you have any questions about the game or comments and suggestions for the wiki. I will try to reply back to you within a few hours, but because of my schedule and activity, responses may be delayed.
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  • i hope you don't mind me bothering you about this...:

    Last My Cafe Event i posted all Car Orders and the Event's over all costs and rewards. I didn't get the idea that many found it useful, so decided not to do it this Event, but now i'm wondering if i made the wrong choice... What do you think?

    i appreciate any advice,

    hope this finds you well,



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    • Oh, yeah... that's a lot to upload, haha. Honestly, if you don't mind uploading them all, you're more than welcome to. I'm pretty sure there are other wikis out there with loads more images, so it shouldn't be a problem at all in terms of space. You can use Special:MultipleUpload to upload up to 10 files at a time. I can always downsize the number of images in the gallery later if need be. Or, if you'd prefer, you can zip them and send them over to me, and a story summary can be written up later. So it will end up being similar to the previous Event article you worked on. Whichever you prefer to do.

      As for the orders - I just checked a few of them because I am way behind where you are, lol - the spices required for the orders are the same, but the coins I received are different. It's not a big deal, since most players are probably looking at the spice costs more than anything, and the coin difference isn't that huge. The most I saw was 900 coins. The weird thing is, though, it's not always a higher number of coins for my level. At some orders I received less coins. For example, on order #5, it rewards 2 Anise and 2100 coins for level 40. Your order gave you 2 Anise and 3000 coins. On other orders, I did get more coins than what you posted, so perhaps it evens out in the end. I can always make a note at the top of the list of orders that the coin rewards are based on a certain level.

      And apologies for always replying a day late! Thank you so much for keeping track of the orders and taking screenshots of the dialogue :)

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    • you honestly don't have to apologize to me, of all people, about replying "late"... ☺ no worries!

      i'll look into the uploading and see how well it goes and thus if it's doable...

      maybe we should break up the Story into parts: thus the Gallery into multiple Galleries... as tapping through a Gallery with hundreds of images isn't very userfriendly  i imagine...

      plus breaking the Story into parts seems to be done often throughout the My Cafe FandomWiki... this will be just a bit different as it's in Galleries... i donno... bad idea?

      i just added a few more orders to my above reply (your reply didn't show up for me yet and i didn't want to spam you with more messages).

      i'm level 35... i'm fairly convinced after reading what you said that the difference in number of Coins rewarded isn't due to level (alone) then. Not sure what (else) it is based on... but it's strange...

      i tried just now to add up the costs of each recipe (so if for example if there are 25 Pancakes with Maple Syrup requested then 25 times the price for Pancakes with Maple Syrup plus the other total recipe costs)... but that didn't work out either...would have made sense as then it would have to do with both level and increased prices boosts caused by Servers/Baristas and/or different recipes being requested... not sure what else to try right now...

      Best wishes,



      Edit: p.s. 

      i tried adding a Storyline Intro Gallery using the tags


      is this the only way Galleries display images?

      i can't see how hundreds of images displayed like that even if they are broken up into Storyline sections will look good.... or am i missing something?

      Also is there any way when multiuploading to browse once - select all images - then hit upload? instead of having to go through Browse (then go through the folders, find one correct image then having to start that process all over again) for every single image? If not then multiupload is barely different from single uploading of files :/

      so yeh. i'm stuck again... don't know what to do. i'm sorry...

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