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Quests is a game mode available to players starting at level 8. Players will need to help guests by collecting Candy by interacting with objects and unlocking new locations. In order to aid guests, you will need to spend Energy to search, move, and open objects to advance in the story.


There is expected to be a new Quest story every month. Each Quest will be available for 8 days.


New locations can only be unlocked once all tasks in the current location are completed. After unlocking a new area, players can visit previous areas they've unlocked.


Energy is represented by a Energy blue lightning bolt. Performing actions during Quests will cost varied amounts of Energy.

Action Cooldown Reward
Watch advertisements 4 hours +40 Energy
Small Energy Generator 2 hours +40 Energy
Large Energy Generator 12 hours +150 Energy

There are also actions that do not have cooldown periods to earn additional Energy, such as:

  • Completing quests
  • Opening doors/Unlocking new areas
  • Buying with diamonds
  • Picking up food/drink items


Currency is represented by a red and white striped piece of candy or a donut with pink icing. Currency can be obtained after performing an action that costs Energy. Just as each action costs different amounts of Energy, the amount of currency rewarded will also vary.

Currency can be redeemed for special premium items in the store. The items offered will change each Quest and can include both Interior and Exterior items from previous events.

It is recommended that players spend as much currency as possible during the current Quest, as it cannot be saved and used for future ones.

Cost Reward
-25 Energy +6-25 Candy/Donut (varies)
-22 Energy +5 Candy/Donut
-20 Energy +5 Candy/Donut
-15 Energy +4 Candy/Donut
-10 Energy +3 Candy/Donut
-7, -5, or -3 Energy +2 Candy/Donut

2020 quest stories[]

Diego's Surprise for Comet[]

Quests 2020-08 SurpriseForComet.jpg

  • Special customer: Comet, Diego
  • Schedule: August 4-12, 2020

Diego set up a romantic surprise for Comet! She searched the house to uncover twists and turns that brought her closer to the surprise.

At several points, Comet reminisced on her shared experiences and travels with Diego. As the search continued, a total of ten rubies and a note were found. The rubies form a beautiful necklace, a symbol of Diego's love for Comet and her passion for adventure, and the note also discussed their next adventure: Paris!

A Case for Watson[]

Case for Watson.jpg