Rubies are a special currency in the game available to players starting at Level 8. Players can view how many rubies they have from their café by looking at the total at the top of the screen to the right of their coins and diamonds count.

Getting Rubies

  • Convert coins into rubies using the ATM (see ATM section below)
  • Complete township orders
  • Possible reward from the festival (access to the Treasure Trove required)
  • Prepare orders for customers yourself using Stylish equipment

Using Rubies

  • Upgrade your structure on the township map
  • Buy exterior decorations for the outside of the coffee shop
  • Unlock slots in the second spice box (available to VIP 7 players only)

Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box is where players can store the rubies they've collected and is also available starting at Level 8. The box can initially hold Currency Ruby300. To unlock more space, each upgrade will cost diamonds.

Expansion Cost Capacity
0 Free Currency Ruby300
1 Currency Diamond 25 Currency Ruby3,000
2 Currency Diamond 285 Currency Ruby25,000
3 Currency Diamond 450 Currency Ruby100,000
4 Currency Diamond 950 Currency Ruby250,000

Note: Expanding the Jewelry Box is necessary for upgrading township structures.


The ATM will appear outside your café near the entrance once you purchase and place your first township structure on the township map. You can then use it to exchange coins for rubies. The process takes time (23 hours), but players can use diamonds to get them instantly. At Level 8, there is only one conversion available for players with others being unlocked at a certain prestige level or VIP level.

Convert Coins Rubies Requirement
Currency Coin 1,000 Currency Ruby100 Level 8
Currency Coin 5,000 Currency Ruby500 Level 20+
Currency Coin 10,000 Currency Ruby1,000 VIP 4+

Note: You can use one or more conversions at once and optionally speed them up to get those rewards instantly.


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