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Spices are unlocked at Level 5 and used to make special recipes for customers and fill orders. There are a total of 11 different spices in the game, ranging from common to extremely rare. Collected spices are stored in the player's Spice Box and can be accessed by clicking directly on the box in their café or by clicking on the Spice icon (shown left).

List of spices[]

Listed in order of rarity from the most common to the rarest.

Storing spices[]

Spices are stored in the Spice Box, which players can purchase for 280 coins. You must first purchase the Spice Box to unlock the ability to store spices; however, you can put the box in the Storehouse afterward to save counter space.

The box has 12 slots that can hold 10 spices of the same type in each slot, but only 3 slots are initially unlocked. Unlocking the remaining slots will cost diamonds, except in the second spice box available to VIP 7 players which costs rubies. Some VIP players will also get a discount when purchasing new slots and the ability to store an increased number of spices per slot (see VIP for more details).

Spice Box 1[]

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
Free Free Free Diamond 9
Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8
Diamond 19 Diamond 49 Diamond 199 Diamond 199
Slot 9 Slot 10 Slot 11 Slot 12
Diamond 199 Diamond 199 Diamond 199 Diamond 199

Note: Prices are shown without any discount applied.

Spice Box 2[]

The second spice box is only available to VIP 7 players and will cost rubies, not diamonds, to unlock the remaining slots.

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
Free Free Free Ruby 69
Slot 5 Slot 6 Slot 7 Slot 8
Ruby 344 Ruby 699 Ruby 1,049 Ruby 1,399
Slot 9 Slot 10 Slot 11 Slot 12
Ruby 1,749 Ruby 2,099 Ruby 2,499 Ruby 3,499

Excess spices and donating[]

Any extra spices that cannot fit in the spice box will have to be deleted. However, once you have unlocked all 12 slots in the first spice box, you will have the opportunity to donate any excess spices directly from the spice box to your township's Treasury, assuming you are in one. The number of diamonds that will be donated to the Treasury for spices is less than their price in the Spice Store.

Rose Petals Anise Star Anise Nutmeg Ginseng Galangal Cardamom Tapioca Guarana Saffron Gold
Diamond 1 Diamond 2 Diamond 2 Diamond 3 Diamond 4 Diamond 4 Diamond 6 Diamond 6 Diamond 7 Diamond 10 Diamond 15

Obtaining from orders[]

Spices are available from phone, township and special event orders. See Orders for more details.

Obtaining from gifts[]

See Gifts.

Obtaining from Staff[]

Some staff employees have a Spice Skill, which give players 1 or more of a particular spice per day depending on the staff's skill level (see Staff for more details).

  • Rose Petals: Julia
  • Anise: Alex, James
  • Star Anise: Jennifer, Elizabeth
  • Nutmeg: Charles, Serge
  • Ginseng: Diana, Angelina
  • Galangal: Brad, Michael
  • Cardamom: Annette, Natalie
  • Tapioca: Benjamin, Rob
  • Guarana: Kitty, Olga
  • Saffron: Marcel, Tony

Note: Gold Flakes are currently not available as a daily reward from any staff member.

Purchasing from the Spice Store[]

There are 2 spice stores in the Shop, the Spice Booth and the VIP Store, which allow players to purchase spices with diamonds. The price of each spice is the same in both stores based on VIP level, but the Spice Booth only sells 6 spices in limited quantities (≤15), whereas the VIP store sells all spices in larger quantities (≤30).

The VIP Store is only available to players VIP 2 and above. VIP players may also get discounts on spices from the stores depending on their VIP level (see VIP for more details).

The minimum and maximum prices of each spice based on player discounts are listed below.

Spice Booth and VIP Store[]

Rose Petals Anise Star Anise Nutmeg Ginseng Galangal Gold
Diamond 3-4 Diamond 4-5 Diamond 6-8 Diamond 7-9 Diamond 11-14 Diamond 12-15 Diamond 41-49

VIP Store exclusives[]

Cardamom Tapioca Guarana Saffron
Diamond 19-23 Diamond 21-24 Diamond 20-25 Diamond 33-39