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Spices are used to make Special Recipes for Customers and fill Orders. There are 11 different spices in the game.

They are stored in the Spice Box, and unlocked at level 5.

List of Spices

Storing Spices

Spices are stored in the Spice Box, which costs $280. Although you can store the box and still use it, you cannot store spices if you have not bought the box first.

The box has 12 slots, but only 3 of them are unlocked. Unlocking the other ones costs an increasing number of diamonds:

  • Slot #4: 💎 9
  • Slot #5: 💎 19
  • Slot #6: 💎 49
  • Slot #7: 💎 199

Each slot can hold 10 spices of the same type. VIP players can increase the amount of spices stored per slot.

If you get spices but cannot store them you will have to throw them out or switch them with other spices.

Getting Spices from Orders

Spices come from phone, township and event Orders

Getting Spices from Gifts

Barista Ann will give you one or more Simple Gift(s) daily if you upgrade her 'Daily Simple Gift' Special Skill as she reaches her XP goals. At Level 1 (first upgrade), Ann gives you a Simple Gift every day. The number of Ann's daily Simple Gifts will remain unchanged until her Special Skill is upgraded to Level 5 (2 Simple Gifts).  At Level 10 (max), Ann will give you 3 daily Simple Gifts. Either a Simple Gift or a Daily Bonus Ticket will be received as a reward for completing full chains of customer special orders. Customers award Pink, Blue, and Gold Gifts at various points throughout the game's storylines.  Pink and Blue Gifts may be won in the Daily Bonus. Pink, Blue and Gold Gifts may also be purchased with real money from the Bank at any time. Red Gifts can be purchased with real money in special offers, or very occasionally won.

There are 5 types of Gifts. Each contains varying amounts of 💎, coins, and the following spices:

  • Simple Gift: Anise (1-5), Rose Petals (1-5), coins (< 200), 💎 (< 5)
  • Pink Gift: Nutmeg (1-5), Star Anise (1-5), coins (200-1000), 💎 (5-100)
  • Blue Gift: Galangal (2-5), Ginseng (2-5), coins (300-3000), 💎 (25-500)
  • Gold Gift: Cardamom (1-5), Guarana (1-5), Saffron (1-5), Tapioca (1-5), coins (500-5000), 💎 (50-1000)
  • Red Gift: Nutmeg (5), Star Anise (5), Galangal (5), Ginseng (5), Cardamom (5), Guarana (5), Saffron (5), Tapioca (5), Gold (5)

Getting Spices from Staff

Some Staff members have a Spice Skill, giving you one spice or more per day. See Staff for more details.

  • Anise: Alex & James
  • Cardamom: Annette & Natalie
  • Galangal: Brad & Michael
  • Ginseng: Diana & Angelina
  • Gold: nobody
  • Guarana: Kitty & Olga
  • Nutmeg: Charles & Serge
  • Rose Petals: Julia
  • Saffron: Marcel & Tony
  • Star Anise: Jennifer & Elizabeth
  • Tapioca: Benjamin & Rob

Buying Spices from the Shop

There are 2 Spice Stores in the Shop : the Spice Booth and the VIP Store. The price of each spice is the same in both stores but the Spice Booth only sells 6 spices in limited quantities (from 2 to 3) whereas the VIP store sells all spices in bigger quantities (from 5 to 10). The VIP Store is only available to VIP 2 players.

Each store refreshes every 8 hours (?). You can skip the waiting time by spending 10 diamonds.

Spice Booth and VIP Store:

  • Rose Petals: 💎4
  • Anise: 💎5
  • Star Anise: 💎8
  • Nutmeg: 💎9
  • Ginseng: 💎14
  • Galangal: 💎15
  • Gold: 💎49

VIP Store exclusives:

  • Cardamom: 💎23
  • Tapioca: 💎24
  • Guarana: 💎25
  • Saffron: 💎39

VIP Players can get discounts on these depending on their levels.

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