• Hi Melicent,

    I posted a question under My Cafe / Discuss a couple of days ago. Someone has somehow edited my original post so that it is now spam, and they have added additional spam comments that link back to my user account. I have looked in my history and unlike regular wikia edits, there does not appear to be a way for me to edit these comments, even though I am logged in. I am hoping you can help. 

    The discussion I am having difficulty with is called, "Question about pyramid and gems: when to purchase?" It originally was a question about that topic and someone is now using it to promote joining their township. 

    While we usually have edit, revert, and history tools, I do not see those options available for discussions.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. 

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    • Hi ImADoctorNotA,

      I don't know what to tell you as I don't see what you're talking about. To me, your post is unchanged, it is in the correct category and there is no spam comment. You are correct that we don't have history tools for discussions and even as an admin I don't have access to much. I can delete and report things and normally see deleted/reported items. I don't see anything in this case so I'm completely baffled. Either you were able to intervene or someone else did or something really weird was going on! Do you still see issues with this post?

      Best, Mel

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    • Hi Mel,

      Thank you for responding. Yes, I do still see issues with this post.

      When I view it, the post (which I did not write) reads as follows: "Let's Cafe_Win is currently in the Lemon League and is looking for members who want to work together to Cafe WIN together (emoji here) Join TODAY (emoji here)

      The title still appears as I originally titled it, "Question about pyramid and gems: When to purchase?"

      The discussion is located here: under "Discuss Everything About My Cafe Wiki" and the exact link to the thread is here:

      I will attach a screenshot of the post as it currently appears when I view it. My follow-up comment in that thread remains as I originally wrote it. 


      My post with original content removed and new content inserted regarding a cafe recruitment.

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    • Wow! This is really weird. To me, these are two distinct posts. I deleted the township ad because the exact same one had been posted just a few days ago so this post does exist but it has nothing to do with yours. I think this is a question for Fandom Support because it seems to me this is caused by some display or cache issues.

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    • Hi Melicent, Thank you for your response. Can you please provide screenshots of the "two distinct posts" that you mention and links to them? I will quote you so we can reach a better understanding. 

      A. You state, "To me, these are two distinct posts." Can you please post screenshots of these two "distinct posts" that you refer to? What I currently view in this thread that we are discussing here are three items. I will list them below:

      1. My original post, which was removed and replaced by the screenshot which I previously provided you with in my earlier post, which now reads ""Let's Cafe_Win is currently in the Lemon League and is looking for members who want to work together to Cafe WIN together (strongarm emoji here) Join TODAY (coffee cup emoji here). -- This is the one post of the three that has been altered. This post still shows in its altered version regardless of which device or browser I use and regardless of clearing cookies or cache.

      2. A legitimate response (comment) to my original post from  GabbyG123. That post is fine, and it was there as a legitimate response to my original post. (See screenshot attached)

      3. A response (comment) from me to GabbyG123's post. (See screenshot attached)

      I will include #2 and #3 as screenshots below.

      B. You also stated:

      "I deleted the township ad because the exact same one had been posted just a few days ago so this post does exist but it has nothing to do with yours."

      Yes, I had noticed this exact township ad listed.  At one point, I actually saw it listed multiple times, but I now only see it listed by one person, Sfields92, in addition to it being listed as my post. Sfields92's township ad is a separate post thread which can be filtered under "Townships." Mine is a Q&A post. 

      I will attach a screenshot of Sfields92 township ad, which is identical to my current post.


      "... it seems to me this is caused by some display or cache issues." 

      I do not believe it is either display or cache issues.

      I have checked this on multiple browsers and multiple devices, and it shows up the same way for me in: Laptop/Desktop, iPad, iPhone on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Puffin. This is why I am asking you to please post screenshots, so together we can determine which two posts you are referring to.

      Based on the fact that I have cleared my browser cache and my original post still displays as the screenshot I attached two posts above, I am curious to see a screenshot of what you view when you view that post. 

      Thank you. It seems to only want one screenshot per post, so I will attach each screenshot. 

      GabbyG123post screenshot

      Gabby's comment to my original post (her comment now makes no sense, since my original question in Q&A was altered)

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    • Here is a screenshot of A3 above (my respone to GabbyG123). 

      MyResponseToGabbyG123 screenshot

      My response to Gabby's comment as a comment in my original thread.

      In addition to these legitimate responses, at one point there were a couple of spam comments in that thread which no longer appear. 

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    • All of those screenshots, including the attached original question post, appear in this thread: 

      My original post in that thread as I view it in multiple browsers and devices, including Windows and MacOS, is attached. That post has been changed from my original post to the attached post. 

      If you could kindly provide screenshots of the "two distinct posts" you are referring to, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    • This link is where I view the same township ad:

      That post was made by Sfields92 on 7/17/2019 in the Townships category under Discussions. A screenshot of that post is attached. My post was made under "Q&A" not "Townships."


      Sfields92 07172019
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    • Lastly, for more clarification, here is a screenshot as I view it of the main Discussion page located at this link showing my post above your post. Your post has the title "Free Supercake Display Case."

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    • Hi ImADoctorNotA,

      Thanks for the screenshots. I'll provide ones too although it may take me some time as I'm on vacation and I don't have my usual laptop (and my data is limited so I'm being careful). I still wanted to let you know I have read your messages.

      Best, Mel

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    • A FANDOM user
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