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Hello! I'm Ophissa, a bureaucrat and administrator on My Café Wiki. I've been playing My Café since 2017, and I am a VIP 7 player and township leader. I used to play competitively and even ran a Diamond League team of 20 players before, but since then I've taken a more laidback approach to playing.

Although I'm less active now, I still like to help people by sharing tips I've learned over the years, especially to new players and recently promoted township leaders and leader's assistants.


I joined Fandom in December 2017 to post on My Café Wiki and recruit for my then-township. I was promoted to administrator in late 2019 for helping in the Discussions area. A few months later, after I started helping out the wiki more by expanding and updating content around the site, I was promoted to bureaucrat. Since starting on Fandom, I've learned more about contributing and collaborating with other users, and do my best to help grow the communities I'm a part of.


If you have a question about My Café or My Café Wiki, feel free to contact me on my wall or on Discord.