Sith Tzu

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  • I live in California
  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

About Me

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Hello fellow baristas, Sith Tzu here! I am an admin of the My Café Wiki and a long-time player of the game, so please feel free to contact me on my message wall if you have any questions about the game or comments and suggestions for the wiki!
I have been playing My Café for over three years and am currently the township leader of two townships. The newest one, where I had appointed an old friend as township leader when I took a break from the game back in 2019, was gifted back to me this year when she decided to leave the game permanently. I'm now working towards unlocking its remaining shelves and member plots, and have just been enjoying the game and taking it easy in the festivals. If you're interested in joining, the township name is Carnival (the one with the yellow cupcake emblem).

About the Wiki

The My Café Wiki serves as an informational resource and guide to players around the world. Visitors are more than welcome to contribute to the wiki by editing one of its pages or creating a new article containing information relevant to the game.
However, we would appreciate users refraining from adding and uploading inappropriate content. Although we are an unofficial site, we abide by My Café's terms and do not condone the selling of accounts, the selling of resources, or the use of hacks and cheats in the game. Also, please understand that this is an unofficial site not affiliated with Melsoft or My Café itself. If you have any serious problems concerning your game, such as your account being blocked, purchases not showing up, etc., you need to contact My Café's support team with the issue.
Users should also be aware that there are many spoilers on this wiki, some of which may be unmarked. Players, especially those just starting out in the game or at a low level, are advised to not read too far into articles that give away story details.

Helpful Resources

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Listed below are some helpful resources for players, such as additional forums where questions can be asked, guides, and official links for the game.
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