Philae moved up to Lemon League after this past weekend's festival! We did this with only 2 active members! I'm so glad I have a fellow township member who is as motivated as I am and I know if we can get more, we will continue to do well.

Accomplishments for 4/13 to 4/15 Festival:

  • Won Milk League
  • Moved up to Lemon League
  • Unlocked Simple Gift Prize Shelf
  • Paid Out:
    • 32 Diamonds
    • 75 Rubies
  • Added to Township Treasury
    • 31 Diamonds
    • 12,385 Trophies
  • Current Top Player of the Month Pot: 112 Diamonds

The current Top Player of the Month is: monika3055pl with 6,085 trophies

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