The Wardrobe lets you change your staff's clothes. It is unlocked at level 5.

Staff can wear 5 types of clothes at the same time: hats, tops (sweaters, shirts, ...), bottoms (pants and skirts), aprons (or vests) and shoes. Clothes are semi-gendered: all items of clothing can be worn by any staff member but some items may look different on men that they do on women, and vice versa.

Some items are tied to an interior style and can only be unlocked once you have reached a certain tip percentage.

You can also buy whole costumes outright. These cannot be broken down into parts: staff either wear the whole costume or they do not.

Common items cost gold while event-related items usually cost diamonds. Costumes always cost diamonds. Items worn by staff when you hire them is free. Moreover, once you have bought an item, it can be worn by any staff (you do not have to buy it for each staff member).

List of clothing

List of costumes

Costume Price Level
Carnival Costume 💎485 7
Nice Day Costume 💎485 7
Wonderland Costume 💎485 7
Ying-Yang Costume 💎485 7
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